About me


My name is Peter. I come from the beautiful Franconia near Nuremberg; Am nature-bound and love photography and people.
"In essence, it is the connections with people who give value to life." (Wilhelm Humbold)
For me, people, especially friends, are simply important.
So it can happen that I simply appeal to people on the street, because I want to find them interesting and take pictures.
Starting with the photography I have a very long time ago with an analogue Revue Flex my father. Meanwhile I photographed digitally.
It strikes me to hold down situations in their peculiarity; To freeze momentary impressions of an intense moment, and to emphasize things that the eye so often sweeps over.
In addition, I see it as a challenge to make beautiful pictures, knowing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
In the picture processing, I am totally irritated by the fact that I can set accents, emphasize the special and create new pictures that a camera can not image. However, I would never change the personality of a person through editing.

"Carpe Diem."
Literally: Pick the day, freely translated use the day.
In this sense
I wish you a nice time


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