Welcome to my page.

Since most of today use their smartphone to go to the net and visit websites, I thought that my side there something behind hangs and wanted to change that.
Now it's finally time that you can also view my page on my mobile phone or tablet. If you click on the pictures on the starside you will come to a small gallery with more pictures of the individual shootings.
The design of the site has changed and a guestbook has been added.
Without Thomas the me in matters like, technology, PC and website, I would not have helped.
Many thanks to Thomas, who has brought me with a lot of patience and nerves, how to upload pictures to the gallery and then linked them to the homepage, that was a hard birth ... * laugh *
Now I wish you a lot of fun on my side.


Huskys im Schnee


At the beginning of the year Anja of invited me to accompany you in a dog shooting.
Anja has been photographing long-standing dogs in all situations, she really has an eye for it. With a lot of vigor, skill and ethos, she captures the fur noses with her camera. Just take a look at her page, it's worth it.
We met early in the morning at 09:00, or was it even earlier? ... it was already brightly lit. * laugh * met with Elvis the dog of Anja, Cheyenne, Akito and her mates.
Then we went on the "Pegnitzwiesen". The dogs could run wildly and we photographed what the sensor gave.
Anja said "as deep as possible" ok ... then I put myself just on the belly in the snow. The dogs whirled around just around us and Elvis was of the opinion that I was still not really smell of Rudel and then Marked me. Thank you very much, thankfully, my ski pants are waterproof ...

WGT Leipzig 2015_2016

In addition to the M'era Luna in Hildesheim, the Wave-Gothic meeting in Leipzig is one of the largest events of the alternative and black scene.
It takes place every year at the Whitsunday weekend in Leipzig. There are "blacks" from all over the world coming together to party, to listen to music, to visit exhibitions and mazes and to show their outfits on the "Victorian picnic" in the Clara Zetkin Park ,
The pictures were created in 2015 and 2016 and I will be there again in 2017.
I'm already looking forward to it.

Bad Kohlgrub


For a long time I wanted to photograph the Eibsee near Garmisch Partenkirchen and Neuschwanstein Castle at Fussen.
So we left in August 2016 and put a stop at King Ludwig II fairy-tale castle on the way to Bad Kohlgrub. It was about 11:00 and what can I say. The hell ... 1000s people, buses and cars, so exactly my thing. I did not even think about how to make pictures. My only thought was ... just get away quickly! On the way to our accommodation we decided to be at the Marienbrücke early in the morning at 06:00 to get some pictures of the castle.
Unfortunately the weather was very bad this morning. The whole night had rained and in the morning when we were on the bridge the sky was full of clouds. But apparently the "Kini" had a look with me, the Franconian, and the moment the first bus with tourists from Hohenschwangau on the way to the bridge, the clouds was torn open. So lucky!
When the first felt 100 Japanese were streaming onto the bridge, we were already backpacking and had some great pictures in the box.
At the Eibsee it was a little more relaxed. In the morning at 07:00 the lake lay completely untouched before us and we could make pictures of heart, a dreamlike spot with the Zugspitze in the background ....

Bad Kohlgrub is the highest Moorheilbad of Germany (I did not know) and what is in Moorlandschaften ... .Libellen. So, put on the big lens with a Moorweiher and waited. The beasts are very damn fast! After some time and still more blurred pictures we had our dragonfly pictures. Patience pays off.

Tiergarten Nürnberg

The Tiergarten Nuremberg is a landscape zoo. Beautifully situated on a wooded rock landscape at the "Schmausenbuck".
With approximately 65ha, the Tiergarten Nuremberg is one of the largest zoological gardens in Europe.
Due to its extensive location, a family with children can spend a whole day in it and it will not be boring.
I used to be in the zoo very often. In the adjoining hotel (unfortunately no more), I learned. Unfortunately I miss the time.
The images were created between 2005 and 2016.

Now that I write the .... I should once again a visit to the eye.

Wedding Nicole & Kevin

Actually, I do not photograph weddings. But with the two I have made an exception.Kevin I already know some
Years, and when he asked me in early 2015 whether I would photograph his wedding in June, I said of course.
It was a beautiful marriage ceremony and after that I was allowed to photograph the two in the famous Goldschlägersaal from the Schwabacher Rathaus.
After the coffee we went with the maids to the city park and have made some great wedding pictures.
The two of them are a great couple and it was a lot of fun for me to take pictures and of course to celebrate with them.


Das war mein erstes Kinder- oder besser Familien-Shooting. So einen Haufen unter Kontrolle und bei Laune zu halten war gar nicht so einfach. Es hat aber super geklappt und richtig viel Spass gemacht.

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