My 2014

The year is over, there is a lot going on 2014.

I have

Many new people met and old acquaintances revived.
Some “friends” lost sight of others and rediscovered.
People who have become friends and again others who can stolen me.
Unfortunately also lost people that I will miss.
Acquired in the job foot.
Ideas implemented and others discarded.
I do not want to miss any more and I do not need any more.
Again more photographed and thus very great models met.
A new photo project on the legs put the 2015 continues.
Launched a new website and realize it right in the middle of it.

On the whole a year with ups and downs.

In this sense, I would like to wish all friends, acquaintances, photo-models and the people who have met me in 2014 a happy, successful, healthy and super great 2015.


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