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Low-key vs. Available Light or … that is so wanted …

Low-key vs. Available Light or … that is so wanted …

Lately I have noticed photographs of photographers who describe completely underexposed pictures as available light or low-key recordings. To which the pictures are so dark, I often get the answer, “that is so wanted”.

Ok, that can be good. What I do not understand, however, is that completely underexposed (dark) images in any form should be appealing or so wanted.

For me, Available Light photography is as the name implies, photography with available and available light. The purpose behind this is to capture the existing light mood and not distort it by artificial light. The fact that this is not easy is likely to be clear, high ISO figures, small apertures, long exposure times and light-strong lenses are a prerequisite.

Available Light goes in my opinion also only on site and not in the studio … or better expressed …. it only acts when you spot, for example at an event, at the camp fire or at night on the Christmas market photographed, is in the studio Such a mood is difficult to realize.

In contrast, low-key photography is a completely different area and has nothing to do with available light.

Mainly, low-key is applied in black-and-white photography. It is distinguished by predominant dark to black areas. Low-key photos are specifically under-exposed. The viewer’s gaze is directed at the main motif by means of selective light. The most common is low-key recording in nude photography.

This technique I find is great to implement in the studio.

In this sense a nice week


Why I do not photograph in the studio.

Why I do not photograph in the studio.

This is not quite true, I photograph in the studio, but very rarely and only under certain circumstances.

Studio photography has a bit boring for me, this is actually the main reason why I do not go to the studio.

Studiobilder always look the same with a few exceptions and can be interchanged. I am talking about classical studio photography. Light, poses, background and props are always the same and predictable. Of course, there are also exceptions, some photographers create true works of art in the studio …. but as I said that are exceptions, the big ones are boring and sterile images for me.

My pictures originate outdoors in the open countryside, an old ruin or indoor in the living bedroom or dining room in the kitchen or an old attic.

A picture must live a story telling. The interplay of model, environment and light make a picture for me. This is so, in a studio difficult to implement for me.

If the weather is bad there are enough locations to dry and / or warm to shooten.

The only reason I would go to the studio would be if I have a Composig idea and have to photograph a model in front of a gray background, or it is explicitly desired by the model, otherwise I see no reason for me to shooten in the studio.

In this sense

best regards


My 2014

The year is over, there is a lot going on 2014.

I have

Many new people met and old acquaintances revived.
Some “friends” lost sight of others and rediscovered.
People who have become friends and again others who can stolen me.
Unfortunately also lost people that I will miss.
Acquired in the job foot.
Ideas implemented and others discarded.
I do not want to miss any more and I do not need any more.
Again more photographed and thus very great models met.
A new photo project on the legs put the 2015 continues.
Launched a new website and realize it right in the middle of it.

On the whole a year with ups and downs.

In this sense, I would like to wish all friends, acquaintances, photo-models and the people who have met me in 2014 a happy, successful, healthy and super great 2015.


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